Two Best Places in Route 66 For Road Trip

September 16, 2019 0 By Katherine

If you want to have a road trip, route 66 is the best choice. The distance is 4000km and it is like from Chicago to Santa Monica – California. This road was once able to turn on the economy for the areas that are traversed. You can prepare your car or just use car rental service for your road trip. There are two destinations you can visit when you are having road trip in Route 66.

Two destinations to get close to local tradition

If you want to learn more about history in America, route 66 is the best because there are two major destinations you can’t miss when you are having a road trip in route 66.

  1. Navajo Nation

As history tells us, the Native Americans are Indians. In the USA, Indians have a special area of ​​their own known as Indian Reservation. In Arizona, there is the largest Indian Reservation which has an area of ​​65,000 square kilometers , which is measured as large as West Virginia named Navajo Nation. Because of the size of the Navajo Nation region located in northern Arizona also includes Utah and New Mexico. From Scottsdale, it will take you 6 hours to arrive at the Navajo Nation. Once in town, there are many dinosaur statues on the side of the road because it was said that dinosaurs had once been found here. The Navajo Nation region with a distinctive teacher landscape is somewhat unique so it has been filmed a lot for the setting of an old cowboy film. If you want to have an authentic memory or photograph, you can rent powerful old car in use car rental service, so you can get the vintage feels there.

  1. Hubbell Trading Post

As the first inhabitants to inhabit the United States, Indians lived their lives in their own way, one of which was to barter to fulfill their daily needs before external influences and the imposition of dollars in the United States. To barter, Indians did it in a place called Trading Post. They bring goods to be exchanged and exchange them for something that is available at the Trading Post. One of the famous trading posts is located in Navajo Nation, Arizona called Hubbell Trading Post. This Trading Post still functions as a barter place until now. Of course, only Indians can barter. For us tourists, we can buy Indian goods and daily necessities at this shop in the Hubbell Trading Post area. In this shop, you can find things that can be considered antique for the people of the United States such as the Navajo Nation newspaper, flour sacks, cans of drinking water, old cashiers, and household items that seemed to come from a few hundred years ago. Even the sale and purchase transactions are still using notes. Feel shopping at my dad’s shop in Jambi!


Thus, for those who are looking for by typical Indian tribes, no need to hesitate to buy it here because its authenticity is guaranteed. If you have a lot of time, chatting happily with the shopkeeper is fun while listening to local Navajo Nation gossip.