Cars to Choose for Big Road Trip

September 30, 2019 0 By Katherine

The road trip has been a popular choice among traveler because it can give more natural experience in exploring the destination. Many people might choose to drive their car, but it is better to use car rental services because it could save a lot of budgets. Then choosing a car could be a daunting task because there are many types of cars. SUV has a comfortable suspension to pamper everyone in it. So, road trip using an SUV is also a good choice.

Know the number of passengers

When you want to rent a car in Pittsburgh for a road trip, you need to know the number of passengers you want to go along. You can use MPV or SUV depending on the needs alone because each type of car has advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, if your family numbered seven people, you better choose to go home using MPV because it has more seats. However, if you are a fan of SUVs and still want to use it as a back and forth car, choose an SUV that can carry seven passengers

  • GMC Acadia

GMC Acadia is included in the ranks of the best 2019 SUV. This car has a very attractive appearance. The bumper and scuff plate design on the cabin can make you have a crush on this car. The media features in this car are complete. You can find the touchscreen display, reverse camera, and round view camera, besides that the security features also don’t need to be questioned anymore because it is equipped with HSA, VSC, ABS braking, EBD, hazard lights, emergency stop lamp, and so on.

  • Toyota Fortuner

Another choice when you want to use car rental services is Toyota. The Toyota Fortuner is indeed known as one of the best SUVs in 2019. It looks quite masculine and macho. Toyota Fortuner is available in two types of engines, which have 2.7 liters and 2.4-liter engines. For the features of the Toyota Fortuner are Vehicle Stability Control, and Hill Assist Control combined with ABS and EBS, making it easier for you when driving it. This best SUV is priced at a price that can be said to be expensive because it can reach more than IDR 450 million.

  • Ford Ecosport

There is the Ford Ecosport that is included in the ranks of the best 2019 SUV that can be driven away. Exterior appearance looks very manly and dynamic, while the inside can provide comfort while driving. This Ecosport is the best type of low-SUV type SUV that has complete safety features, ranging from dual SRS airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, safety belt indicators, ABS, HSA, and other safety features. The cabin is quite spacious with a two-tone dashboard, 7-inch touch screen, digital AC, and 3 AC connectors.

Many people are confused whether they need to choose MPV or SUV. For some reasons MPV are good for many passengers, but for getting tough and safer experience, those SUV are good for road trip. There is no doubt because they are indeed designed for long distance trip.